The Universe always conspires to help the dreamer….(part 1)

May you understand my love – because it`s the only thing I have that is really mine; the only thing that I will be able to take with me into the next life.

Please allow it to be courageous and pure;

please make it capable of surviving the mean and hard snares of the world…


I remember my “magic moment”- that instant when a simple “yes” or “no”

can change one`s life forever.

By a river I sat down and wept, my tears fell into the cold water – all the way to the sea…. I had said “yes” to life again…

The opposite of saying “yes” to life, is saying “I could have…” What does this phrase mean? At any given moment in our lives, there are certain things that could have happened but didn`t. The magic moments go recognized, until suddenly, the hand of destiny changes everything..


You have to take risks, I say. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.

Every day, the universe gives us the sun – and also a moment in which we have the ability to change everything that makes us unhappy.

Every day, we try to pretend that we haven`t perceived that moment, that it doesn`t exist – that today is the same as yesterday and will be the same as tomorrow.

But if people really pay attention to their everyday lives, they will discover that magic moment.


Yes, we are going to suffer, we will have difficult times, and we will experience many disappointments – but all of this is transitory; it leaves no permanent mark…

And one day we will look back with pride and faith at the journey we have taken.

Pityful is the person who is afraid of taking risks.

Perhaps this person will never be disappointed or disillusioned;

perhaps he won`t suffer the way people do when they have a dream to follow.


But when that person looks back – and at some point everybody looks back –

he will hear his heart saying: “What have you done with the miracles that Love planted in your days? What have you done with the talents the universe bestowed on you? You buried yourself in a cave because you were fearful of losing your talents. So this is your heritage: the certainty that you wasted your life”.

Pityful are the people who must realize this. Because when they are finally able to believe in miracles ( at their deathbed ), their life`s magic moments will have already passed them by…


Sometimes an uncontrollable feeling of sadness grips us; life begins to conceal its magic and its art.

We have to listen to the little child we once were, the child that still exists inside us. That child understands magic moments.

We can stiffle its cries, but we cannot silence its voice.

The child we once were is still there.

Blessed are the children, for they are Love itself.

If we cannot learn to look at life with the innocence and the enthusiasm of a child, we become dead inside.


We have to pay attention to what the child in our heart tells us.

We should not be embarassed by this child, not feeling ashamed of it.

We must not allow this child to be scared, because the child is alone and is almost never heard.

We must allow this child to take the reins of our lives.

The child knows that each day is different from every other day; and that there is no past, no future, but only this very moment.

A child lives in this very moment, in the here and now..

We have to allow this child to feel loved again.

we must please this child – even if it means that we act in ways we are not used to, in ways that may seem foolish to others.


Remember that human wisdom is madness in the eyes of Love.

But if we listen to the child who lives in our soul, our eyes will grow bright.

If we do not lose contact with that child, we will never lose contact with Life.

The wise are wise only because they love.

And the foolish are foolish only because they think they can understand Love.


Love is much like a dam: if you allow a tiny crack to form through which only a trickle of water can pass, that trickle will quickly bring down the whole structure, and soon no one will be able to control the force of the current love.

For when those walls come down, Love takes over, and it no longer matters what is possible or impossible; it doesn`t even matter whether we can keep the loved one at our side. To love is to lose control.


Don`t be frightened. Don`t just fall into playing a role.

Some people always have to be doing battle, mostly with themselves, battling with their own lives.

So they begin to create a kind of play in their head, and they write the script based on their own frustrations and fear. The play the role of a victim. Be careful: when you join in that game, you always wind up losing, for you are not a victim – you are just denying your own strength.


I admire the battle you`re waging with your heart. At this moment, you think you are lost.

But you aren`t – actually, you are just rediscovering your true self.


Some time ago, I was asking a person that I admire how he became so succesful. And he answered me that until awhile ago, he had been living the role of “the Other”. I asked him what “the Other” was.

“The Other is the part inside me who taught me what I should be like, but not what I AM.

The Other believes that it is our obligation to spend our entire life thinking about how to please others, how to earn the most money, how to make sure that people will like us and talk good of us, and don`t think we are stepping out of line. So we betray our true self, the one we really are – and in fact, we become living – dead – people.


I asked him who he was then, and he said:

“I am just like everyone else who dares to listen to their hearts: a person who is enchanted by the mystery of life. Who is open to miracles, who experiences joy and enthusiasm for what I do, and not caring what other people may think of me. It`s just that the Other, afraid of disappointment and shame, kept me from taking action so long”.


“But there is suffering in life” , I replied.

“Yes, and there are defeats. No one can avoid them.

But it`s better to lose some of the battles in the struggle for your dreams, than to be defeated without ever even knowing what you`re fighting for.

When I learned this, I resolved to become the person I had always wanted to be. The Other stood there in the corner of my room, watching me, but I will never let the Other ( that pointing finger with the voices of our parents, our teachers, society) into myself again.

from the moment that I ousted the Other from my life and don`t care anymore of what others want me to be, my life began to perform it`s miracles.

I first lost my faith, but then I recovered it”


The universe and Love is always on our side, it always conspires to help the dreamer.

The universe and Love always helps us fight for our dreams, no matter how foolish they may seem.

Our dreams are our own, and only we can know the effort it takes to keep them alive..


Love doesn`t need to be discussed; it has its own voice and speaks for itself.

If you start imagining how you would like to be living right from this moment on, you`ll discover that you want to be loving, happy, at peace, curious, joyful – living each moment intensely.

Believing again in your dreams.

Able to fight for what you want.


And then you are able to look at that Other part of you that ruled your life for so long time now: you can see it fragile, exhausted, disillusioned, controlling and enslaving what really should be free: your Emotions!

This Other part ( which remains from all of your past) is trying to judge you and your future by the rules of your past suffering.

But the past is no longer there, man!!


The moment we begin to seel Love and our true self, it begins to seek us. And save us…

And because of that – because of that small part of the real you that has survived all these years – Love ( for yourself as well as for others)

will finally find you, after it has looked for you everywhere.

Just believe: because truth resides where there is faith..


I don`t know why I am writing this; sometimes I find myself saying things I`ve never said before.

It seems almost as if I`m “channeling” an intelligence that isn`t mine – one that understands Life and Love better than me.

So I guess we are our own greatest surprise, haha.

Faith and trust as tiny as a grain of sand allows us to move obstacles we`d never thought we could overcome.

I am not ashamed of my ignorance.

One has only to trust, believe, accept, and be willing to make mistakes – no matter how scared you are at the same time.


Heaven and Love are there in the face of every poor and tortured soul that I meet at my travels and in my daily life – and I cannot turn away my head or deny it.

You have a purpose to fullfil on this earth, in this life: find it, discover it and follow it. Follow your dreams!

Because a divided person cannot face life in a dignified way.

Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering.


Learning how to love yourself completely, having the courage to love and accept yourself fully, is pure freedom.

This freedom will lift you to the heaven – where the greatest Love, which forgives everything and never allows you to feel abandoned again, will embrace you.


For years, I have fought against my heart, because I was afraid of sadness, suffering, and abandonment.

But now I know that True Love is above all this and that it would be better to die than to fail ( not fall, haha) in Love.

I had thought that only others had the courage to love themselves and others completely. But now I have discovered that I too am capable of loving.

Even if loving means leaving, or solitude, or sorrow: Love is worth every penny of its price. Just take the risk…

Over Rebekka Eliza Dorothea Nirel Engels

Disillusioned words like bullets bark....Dat zijn woorden vol desillusie die blaffen als honden, als kogels. De klanken versterken de woorden. Wanneer blaffen de gedesillusioneerde woorden als blaffende kogels? Dat doen ze als menselijke goden hun doel najagen...( Bob Dylan begrijpt mij wel✌️)
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  1. Lieverd, ik heb je gemist. Fijn weer iets van je te horen.


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