Stranded with nothing to share

In death, you face life with a child and a wife
You fight for the throne and you travel alone
Unknown as you slowly sink..
I`ve seen all these decoys through a set of turquoise eyes,
and I feel so depressed
Your conscience betrayed you when some tyrant waylaid you
I paid off the traitor the traitor and killed him much later;
to survive it you play deaf and dumb

You can`t find no salvation, you have no expectations
anytime, anyplace, anywhere..
You`ve murdered your vanity, buried your sanity
Lovers obey you but they cannot sway you –
they`re not even sure you exist
You can give but you cannot receive…


Over Rebekka Eliza Dorothea Nirel Engels

Disillusioned words like bullets bark....Dat zijn woorden vol desillusie die blaffen als honden, als kogels. De klanken versterken de woorden. Wanneer blaffen de gedesillusioneerde woorden als blaffende kogels? Dat doen ze als menselijke goden hun doel najagen...( Bob Dylan begrijpt mij wel✌️)
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