And you may not think much of me now, but I think so damn much of you…

I won`t be denied this time before I go out of my mind over matters.
And every time you crave for me, I`m here
And anything you hunger for, I`ll share
And I will be quietly standing by, while slowly I am dying inside
My uniform never fit so good…
Peculiar I guess you think I got it all going my way
But then why am I such a fucking mess?
And if you don`t like what you see, well, you can`t teach a blind man to see..
Waking up is harder when you wanna die; my life is shit and piss
I`m the shit, the descent into madness
You can keep all your money, `cause you say that you must
But if you think that it matters, take a look at me
And don`t close your eyes as I turn into dust
It`s getting dark a little too early
I`ve got a sky that looks like heaven, got an earth that looks like shit
And it`s getting hard to tell where what I am ends,
and where what they`re making me begins…

Over Rebekka Eliza Dorothea Nirel Engels

Disillusioned words like bullets bark....Dat zijn woorden vol desillusie die blaffen als honden, als kogels. De klanken versterken de woorden. Wanneer blaffen de gedesillusioneerde woorden als blaffende kogels? Dat doen ze als menselijke goden hun doel najagen...( Bob Dylan begrijpt mij wel✌️)
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